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  • Basics
    • You must be logged in to use manager.
    • Depending on how you are logged in you will get different options.
    • Your name and company show on bottom.
  • Sorting
    • You can sort by User with menu.
    • You can click on colors to sort by...
      • Orange - Tours that are "Not Searchable" on main site search engine but viewable.
      • Green - Tours that are "Live" on main site.
      • Purple - Tours that have been recently entered into the main system and are still "Pending " , but have not been accepted yet and are not viewable.
      • Blue - Tour of home that have been "Sold." These are viewable, but there is a note on tour that says sold. These are also not searchable on the main site search engine.
      • Pink - These Tours are "Disabled" and are not searchable and not viewable.
    • You can sort by tour number, help desk number, Address, MLS, User number, Contact number, or Date Created.
  • Add a tour
    • Use Menu options to find and add a tour.
  • Smart Search
    • Using the "Smart Search" you can search all tour numbers, tour titles, citys, states, names, mls numbers, help desk numbers, and plan names using a "smart" algorithm.
      Example: Searching "street" will return anything with the word street.
      Example: Searching "210" will return anything with either a tour number, address, mls, title, etc. --> Whatever has the number 210 in it.
    • Or you can force a specific search using specific keys...
      Example: Searching "$2815" will only search help desk tickets for the number 2815.
      Example: Searching "^ks" will only search return tours in Kansas.
      : Searching "&rus" will only search contact names for names that have "rus" in the name including names like Russel, Russ, etc.
      • #  -  Tour Number
      • =  -  Title
      • $  -  Help Desk Ticket Number
      • *  -  MLS
      • !  -  User Name
      • &  -  Contact Name (Agent)
      • ^  -  State (use 2 digits, ie KS, MO, etc)
      • @  -  City
      • +  -  Community
      • %  -  Builder
      • >  -  Developer
      • ~  -  Home Plan

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