This property on has SOLD and is no longer available.
Ne 101 St At N Woodland Ave - North Kansas City, MO 64155 2003 Building for a Cure Showcase Home
Ne 101 St At N Woodland Ave - North Kansas City, MO 64155

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Ne 101 St At N Woodland Ave
North Kansas City, MO 64155
 Price: $409,900 - Mortgage Calc
 Builder: Provence Homes Inc.
 Community: Staley Farms
 School: Northview Elementary, New Mark Middle School, and Oak Park High School. For more infomation checkout the North Kansas City School District
Contact Information:
 Profile:  Touched By Cancer Foundation
 Company: Touched By Cancer

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 Phone: (816) 350-8938
 Mobile: (816) 392-1850
 Fax: (816) 373-3019
 Email: Email Me
Detailed Information:
 Tour ID: 70
 Year Built: 2002
 Bedrooms: 5
 Bathrooms: 5
 Patio: Yes
 Garage: 2 Car
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Additional Information:


Actual Address:
10127 N. Montgall Ave
Driving Directions: Take 169 N to 152 E to North Oak exit, Go left or North to New Mark Drive, Go right or East, follow this road to the entrance of Stanley Farms. It will be on the left. Turn left and then take a left on N. Montgall and follow it to the showhome.
Phone numbers: Call 816-452-4444 or 1-866-218-CURE

INTERIOR - with Designer info
1. Entry Way - Featherstone
2. Study - Casa Bella
3. Bath - Casa Bella
4. Living Room - Daisy Designs
5. Hearth Room - La-de-da
6. Breakfast Room - La-de-da
7. Kitchen - La-de-da
8. Laundry Area - Odds-N-Ends
9. Garage - Prairie Brooks Arts
10. Dining Room - Design Impressions
EXTERIOR - with Designer info

11. Patio - Latin American Inports
12. Front Porch - Van Liew's
2nd FLOOR - with Designer Info

13. 2nd Floor Entry - Featherstone
14. Girls Room - Oopsy Daisy's
15. Girls Room Bath - Oopsy Daisy's
16. Dude Ranch - Mady and Me
17. Holiday Bath - Mady and Me & Redmond's
18. Guest Room - Redmond's
19. Master Bedroom
Cameron's Cradles to Bedroom's Creations
20. Master Bathroom
Cameron's Cradles to Bedroom's Creations
21. Master Closet - California Closets

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